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Teleconferencing as an option for representation and voting at Florida Council meetings.

Florida Council is exploring the possibility of member participation via electronic communications.  Several of IMA’s Boards, Committees, Councils and Chapters already do this. We have a committee to facilitate the implementation of the technical and of the mechanical requirements.  Council By-Laws need to be amended in order for this type of representation and voting to be legal.  A complete copy of the Florida Council By-Laws can be found at http://flcouncil.org/By-Laws.php

Here is the proposed By-Law Amendment which will be placed on the agenda for the April 21, 2012 Florida Council meeting:

Article V  Meetings

Sub-Article I   Attendance and voting through electronic communications

All Florida Council Delegates, as described in Article IV Delegates, who are unable to attend in person a properly called meeting of the Florida Council, shall be considered to be in attendance and eligible to vote on all matters before the Florida Council if they have participated by simultaneous electronic communications.