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Value of IMA Membership

 Offer access to a network of colleagues in the same field, which is valuable since often “who” you know
is as important as “what” you know. Associations create networking communities of professionals with
similar interests; by industry, job function, or geographic area.

• Provide mentor opportunities at the local or national level. Professionals can enhance their leadership
skills through volunteer work within the organization, as well as speaking and publishing opportunities
with an association’s events or publications.

• Provide access to expert information that reflects industry trends and primary research. This
information can help you keep pace with changes in the profession.

• Deliver professional development opportunities, through certification programs (such as IMA’s CMA
certification), courses and local chapter meetings to continue one’s education. Some professions have
continuing education credit requirements, which can be earned through an association’s learning
resources. Completing courses or earning a certification can help job seekers demonstrate technical
skills and give a competitive advantage.

• Demonstrate a commitment to your chosen profession. Along with adding the organization’s name to
your résumé, you can develop new skills that you might not be able to acquire on the job.

• Offer career resources and job postings that may not be available elsewhere.